No More Knots – DIY Necklace Holder

My love for shower hooks in DIY projects has become an obsession. Is anyone else always losing earrings and having their necklaces get tangled in their jewelry box?

Yup, that’s me over here. So, I finally decided that I’ve had enough. I got creative and bought this cute shelf at none other than Target along with a pack of shower hooks.

It was so easy. All I did was hang this shelf high enough in my closet that my necklaces wouldn’t hit the ground and once it was secure, I placed the shower hooks on it and lined all my earrings and necklaces on each hook. And the shelf even had room for all my bracelets to rest on top.

Now it looks like I’m so organized! The best part though, no more spending time trying to unknot all my necklaces when I pull them out of my jewelry box. Woo hoo!!

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