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Nashville Eats and Birthday Treats


This past weekend I spent WAY too much money, ate WAY too many calories and enjoyed EVERY minute of it. I probably should’ve woken up this morning feeling guilty about it, but I don’t. Why? Because every now and then you just know that your soul needs a little rejuvenating and you can’t feel bad about pampering your inner self.

And, it’s my birthday! What better excuse for a time like this?!?!

For the past few months I have been reducing the amount of meat, dairy and coffee from my diet, but I do allow myself to eat it sometimes and this weekend was one of those times.

So, for those of you who haven’t been to Nashville or Nashvillians who need some new places to add to their “must try” lists… I give you all the places that broke my bank and my food regimen this weekend!

5th & Taylor

Taste and atmosphere at 5th & Taylor stole the show for my official (early)  birthday dinner.

I drooled over the ‘duck’am with blackberries, smoke cabbage and red wine gravy. I could’ve finish it though because I ate every spoonful of the Roasted Pumpkin Soup for my first course.

Be careful of the granola on top. Those suckers will get you if you talk with your mouth full :) Thankfully the waiter was on top of filling my water glass that evening.

Black Rabbit

I’m slightly afraid to share the Black Rabbit because it’s still a little bit of a secret here and I kind of like it that way. The live jazz, the fireplace seating and ridiculously knowledgeable mixologists are all the reason I kind of want to keep this all to myself.

I was super intrigued with the idea of their cocktail menu layout. If you’re a traditionalist, order from the left. If you’re a risk taker, order from the right. And if you’re not quite sure which one you are, ask the bartender, they’ll definitely lead you in the right direction.

I got the Jubilee and I would definitely order it again, but it goes down like fruit juice, so take it slow.

Mike’s Ice Cream

We had a choice between one more drink at another bar or ice cream and hot chocolate. We chose the latter. I ate the ice cream first and warmed up with the Hawaiian Coconut Hot Chocolate as we waited in the wind for Uber.

*Side note, does anyone else give up on remembering how to spell Hawaii? I literally just type a bunch of vowels every time so auto correct can help me out.

Okay, enough on how poor my grammar is. On to the next!

E+Rose Wellness Cafe

Previously known as Daily Juice, E+Rose Cafe is no longer a franchise, but a locally owned cafe. They make, in my opinion, THE BEST, acai and breakfast bowls in Nashville. With that said, after a 3 mile walk along the lake, I was freezing and needed something to warm me up a bit. So, I tried their vegan broccoli cheddar soup and avocado toast.

Thumbs up for both, but don’t let my healthy lunch fool you. I made up for it during Saturday’s dinner.


After a 3 hour nap because clearly I can no longer stay out past midnight and fully function, we went to Hopsmith, a new pub in midtown. I was proud of myself for trying a couple new beers  before dessert. This cookie skillet was a pretty solid replacement for the normal cookie cake I always ask for on my birthday. A little bit of caramel drizzle and a whole lot of chocolate chip cookie was exactly what I needed to round out the night.

And in case you were wondering, I did share with Sam, but I ate both cherries. 

Holler & Dash

And for the last meal of the weekend… I went to brunch on a Sunday in Nashville and didn’t have to wait an hour in line. We were welcomed as soon as we walked in the door. Everyone smiled at us and we both chose sweet over savory.

Isn’t it a rule that you don’t count calories on a Sunday? I know, wishful thinking. 

A big high five to their biscuits though. I know everyone lines up outside and around the corner for Biscuit Love, but I’m happy to take an open seat at Holler & Dash again for these ones!

And there you have it! A little tour of some of Nashville’s finest eating establishments according to me!

It’s a bit sad the weekend had to come to an end and reality is looming around the corner. I hit the schedule button for this newsletter with a green juice in my hand.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Coffee with Court and hope you have a wonderful start to a great week ahead!

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