Musts for Glorious Hair and Wine Bars

This weekend in Charlotte was a whirlwind, but so much fun. New places, old friends and country music, what more could you ask for!

Part I: Wine Bars

My best friend from college came to visit and wanted to spend Saturday night relaxing and enjoy good music and good wine. I wanted to try something new, so we ventured up to Cornelius and tried out the Wine Cellar and The Corkscrew Wine Shoppe & Bar. Both places were cute and intimate. I enjoyed a Prosecco from the Wine Cellar while my friend dug into their Campagnard sandwich , which she said was amazing.

Photo courtesy of the Wine Cellar

I have been loving Birkdale Village lately. Went up there for dinner on for Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s day for me) and fell in love. It’s a quaint shopping center which is where The Corkscrew Wine bar is. We ended our night here. They had a live band and an area set up with couches so we could sit, lounge and plan out our annual girls vacation. So far our list of options is The Outer Banks, Charleston, Aruba or Vegas. Any suggestions?


Photo courtesy of The Corkscrew Wine Shoppe & Bar

Part II: Glorious Hair Products

And lastly, I was kind of obsessed with my hair Saturday night. And last weekend in Charleston, I received a lot of comments on it,  so I wanted to share my favorite products if you’re looking to switch it up a bit. Here are my saviors for this wavy hair of mine. My lifelines for going out, going glam and going curly.


1. Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion: I use it to give a little volume to the roots of my hair

2. Aveda Control Paste is great for taming those stubborn flyaways on your styled hair

3. Right when I get out of the shower, then first thing I do is put a dab of Garnier Fructis’ sleek and shine leave in conditioner in my hair to smooth out the tangles.

4. Then I put in some Morrocanoil. This has done wonders for the sleekness on my straight and wavy hair looks

5. Kenra’s Curl Defining Cream is my go to product when I am in a hurry and don’t always have time to dry my hair fully. I towel dry until my hair is no longer dripping, then I add a quarter size of this to my hair and scrunch all over. I dry it just a bit with a blow dryer and let it air dry the rest of the way.

What sort of hair taming troubles do you have? Any hair products that have saved the day? Let’s hear it!

Next Up: Mark Your Calendars for Wednesday because I’m super excited to be debuting my video blog of the Dan & Shay Where it All Began Tour with Canaan Smith!  

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