Loving Long Distance- DIY ‘Open When’ Envelopes

Long distance relationship. That’s something I never thought I’d be in again. But, here we are with 300+ miles between us. It’s sounds really scary, but to be honest, I’m not scared. Sometimes someone walks into your life and you just kind of know they’re meant to play an important role in it.

Sam and I had 3 months in the same city. 3 months to get to know each other enough to want to hang on a bit longer. 3 months for both of us to think this was worth the effort. So, that’s what we’re doing.

His birthday was a week ago and along with his birthday present I mailed 20 of these “open when” envelopes. I found the idea on Pinterest.


Like I said, I made 20 of them, but there’s no limit on how many if you get creative! Some of them have something special tucked inside the card and others give him a number. I sent a few wrapped presents and wrote that number on them. He can only open it when he picks the card that tells him to.

I sent one more card on top of the 20 that said “open first” and inside was a note with 5 simple rules. The rules were:

  1. Don’t open all at once
  2. Only open when one applies
  3. No unwrapping the presents unless a card tells you to
  4. Be sure to tell me when you open one
  5. Enjoy them!

I can’t give away anything else because he’s only opened one so far, but below you can see a few of the times he’s able to open an envelope.


What other┬ácute ideas do you have for┬álong distance relationships? I’d love to hear how you got crafty and creative!


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