It Happened on a Wednesday

It happened on a Wednesday. You walked in all dressed in black, your ball cap turned back and a smile my brown eyes couldn’t turn away from. You shook my hand and my heart danced. Little by little I began to fall, but this time I was careful not to give it all. I held guard on my heart, but slowly you turned the key.

Those walls, you broke them down and never could I have known that you wouldn’t stick around. The way you held me, the way your lips touched mine, it’s all a memory now.

I roll over in the middle of the night and lay my hand on an empty pillow case and when I close my eyes I wish I didn’t still see your face. It hurts so bad because I don’t know why. No rhyme. No reason. No goodbye. You just disappeared like the sun into the midnight sky.

Sometimes I stop and think of you and I wish in that moment you were thinking of me too, but my broken heart knows better. You and me, I so badly wanted it to be forever. But I was simply a pawn in a game you were playing while you were thinking you could still do better.

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