i got out

Inspiration Poem: I Got Out

I Got Out

I was bruised and I was broken
Beat down by words sharper than a knife
But I got out

I cried alone and in silence for everything he said I could never do right
Now on most days I smile
Because I got out

I was scared. I was lost
Staring back in the mirror were eyes that were cold, empty and hopeless
But I got out

I am no longer chained to fear, to anger
I know longer hide behind an imitation of happiness
Because I got out

My eyes can never unsee that anger
My heart will never unfeel that hurt
But I got out

My dog is no longer huddled up in a corner shaking in fear
Because I got out

I still shutter at loud voices and quick hands. I will never be the same
But I got out

I hid my darkness in fear of judgement and imperfection
But now I know that love is not supposed to hurt
Because I got out

I still fight demons every day. I still push people away
But I got out

I am stronger for what happened to me
I’ve learned to love myself. That I am enough
Because I got out




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