Find the beauty in your body

Why is it that when we look in the mirror we are quick to point out all of our flaws, but when looking at others we see their perfections. We point out what we envy. Could you imagine how different we would feel if we looked at ourselves the way we looked at others. If when we looked in the mirror, what we saw was enough. Today, we live in a world where perfection is plastered all around us. From magazines and movies to Instagram. It’s so easy to judge ourselves. To want to look a certain way.

You’ve heard it before. Life’s highlight reel. That is what social media is all about. Sometimes you’ll come across those who talk about real life challenges, but for the most part you see the best part of us all. The world can be such a negative place that sometimes it’s nice to get lost scrolling through edited photos of perfection, but we cannot get so lost that we forget, there are so many layers underneath that posted photo.

Everyone feels pain. Everyone is going through a hard time. Everyone looks in the mirror and wishes they could change something about themselves. Everyone, but what if you stopped. What if you stopped judging your body, but instead thanked it. This was a recent exercise given to me and let me tell you, it’s been extremely difficult, but it’s amazing how my outlook has changed.

What if you started too? Thanking your body for what it has done for you. For what it does for you every day. For how it continues to support you no matter how many times you’ve beat it down. What if you looked at your flaws as blessings. If every day we envied what was given to us. If we looked at our legs as muscles, strong enough to carry us throughout our daily activities. If we were grateful for our arms that are capable of getting us dressed in the morning, feeding us daily meals and driving us places. If we saw our wrinkles as “laugh lines,” a symbol of our happiness.

Here’s what I have thanked my body for so far:

  • for having enough energy to roll out of bed at 6am to take my highly energetic dog for a walk before work
  • for carrying me through my mid-day runs in the Nashville summer heat
  • for not stopping on those runs when my mind is screaming that it’s had enough
  • for being able to sit for long periods of time while I edit my novel late into the night

You put your body through a lot on a regular basis, yet it never gives up on you. So, why give up on it? Instead of focusing on what you wish your body looked like, start thanking it for all it’s been through with you. The more you begin to understand just how amazing your body is, looking in the mirror will give you less anxiety and a bit more pride.

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