Dreams Don’t Take Weekends Off

This past Saturday, at a desk in the back corner of the Nashville Public Library, I opened my computer and pulled up a chair. I put my phone on silent and tucked it away in my computer bag to hide any distractions and for three hours I wrote more of Celia’s story. I then came home and wrote for seven hours more.

For those of you who haven’t read my newest novel Behind the Strings, it’s all about a love triangle in the midst of the country music world. It ends with a cliffhanger to the main character, Celia’s story and I’ve been stuck on the sequel for about two years now with no idea how I wanted it to end.

In that library though on Saturday afternoon, I felt as if the gates had opened for me and the words came flooding out. 5,500 words later Celia’s path was clearer. The ending is near and the two final words of draft one are on the horizon – THE END.

It’s been a long journey and it’s far from over. After draft one comes draft two. After draft two comes the beta readers and then draft three. Then comes the editor and the edits and so so much more. It’s exhausting. My eyes hurt and sometimes I cry from frustration because I want to get it just right. When it’s done though, when the very first proof is delivered to my door and I get to hold all that hard work in my hands, that makes it all worth it.

Nobody said that dreaming was easy. Fulfilling your passion or finding your path in life, it takes works and dedication. It takes drive and sacrifice. You can’t keep saying, “I want this” and expect it to be handed to you. You have to get up and put in the work and if you do, I promise it will pay off.

The hardest part isn’t getting to the finish line, it’s whether or not you have the courage to step up to the starting block.




About Behind the Strings

As oBehind the Strings Official Coverjpgne of Nashville’s hottest music bloggers, Celia Westbrooke spends her days chasing stories and her nights mingling with country music’s rising stars. Her life is a whirlwind, but it keeps her mind from remembering a past she left behind. That is, until a new assignment forces her to face the one person she thought was gone forever.

Logan Kent is on the fast track to country music stardom. It was the dream he had worked his entire life for. A dream that cost him the one person he ever truly loved. The same dream, that five years later, will be the reason she returns.

In the heart of Music City, Celia and Logan will be forced to relive the remnants of a relationship they thought would never be. And just when they think they have what it takes to put all the pieces back together, one night could tear it all apart. Secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be tested and both will be left to decide if what they really want, is worth what they’ll lose in the process. More


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