Dear Diary…Today I Met a Boy

Yes, for those of you who caught that, the title of this post is a Britney Spears song. I felt it was quite fitting for the subject. If after you read this, you are interested in more info on adopting Duncan, please email lrhrescue@gmail.com

Duncan was a stray who will be making his way up to Long Road Home Rescue in New York after the holidays to find his forever home. But, before then, he needed a place to stay for Christmas. Someone to love him, teach him and get him ready for the amazing family I know he will find. Never had I heard of the “Home for the Holidays” foster program until someone had recently posted it on Facebook. I was hesitant a first, but then I thought you know, DJ would have wanted one of his friends to get a little extra love for the holidays, so I scrolled through the list. It is heartbreaking to me how many dogs there are out here with no place to go. If I could’ve brought them all home, I probably would’ve. But, when I found Duncan, I knew he was the one. A mutt just like my DJ, about the same height and weight and incredibly docile.

I picked him up after work and he sat like a good boy in the front seat the entire 30 minute drive home. He didn’t make a sound no matter how many times we had to brake in the lovely rush hour traffic of Charlotte. I haven’t had Duncan quite 24 hours yet, but here is a bit of our adventure so far:

  • It took Duncan all of an hour to learn how to sit. Now every time I ask he does so. Especially if you’re giving him treats. There’s no hesitation.
  • He loves toys. I had a few extra of DJ’s for him to play with. He grabs one at a time, brings them in his crate and lays down to play with them for a bit.
  • If you sit down or lie down near him, be ready to get mauled by kisses. He loves to give them.
  • He is a cuddler. Sit down on the floor and he’ll nudge his head right up next to you and just stand there while you pet him
  • He doesn’t bark. The airplanes, the garage door, people outside, he hasn’t made a single sound.
  • My downstairs is his New York City. Something new to explore at every corner. He’s checked out every bit of it, but hasn’t really touched anything. No chewing of my Christmas tree or lights around the fireplace. He walked around for most of yesterday and by about 9:30pm finally got comfortable enough to sit and relax.
  • This morning while I was making breakfast, he lay in the kitchen at my feet (I have stepped on him a few times already!). Even as I sit here and right this at the table he is sleeping right next to me.
  • I was expecting our first night to be a bit rough, so I prepared myself. We went to bed around 10pm. I slept on the couch next to his kennel. He didn’t wake up until about 7:30 this morning. No wining or crying. I barely heard him move. He didn’t even stand until I got up to get him.
  • He loves to walk. I never walked my dog on his collar because he pulled too much. Duncan thankfully is nowhere near as strong. He’ll need some walking lessons, but honestly I walked him in heels and I handled him fine. That was something I would never do with DJ! I found an extra harness lying around and put that on. He does much better with the harness. We’re going to skip the collar from now on.
  • We did a bit of crate training yesterday when we first got home. 5 minutes of me sitting next to him, 10 minutes of me being upstairs and 5 minutes again next to him before I took him out. He whined the first few times, but the last time before bed, I was upstairs for about 20 minutes and he didn’t make a sound. This morning was the first time I left him. I went to the store and was gone or about 40 minutes. I hit the record button on my computer to see if he’d cry. He did for the first two and a half minutes I was gone and then the only sounds I heard were the clock and a few random airplanes that flew over head.
  • When I came home, he was laying down wagging his tail. I put the groceries away first and then grabbed him and took him outside.

That’s a lot for less than 24 hours! I’m excited to see what the rest of the days will bring and I will surely keep you posted! Come back to www.courtneygiardina.com to stay up to date!!!

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