Creative Ways to Grow Your Audience

Over the past few months I have changed my focus on the marketing of my books. I have been changing up my posts and their focus from my travels and adventures and leaning more towards delivering knowledgeable content and valuable information to those who come across my platforms.

With this change I have seen a much larger increase in book sales so I wanted to do a blog post that shared a bit about what I’ve been doing in the book marketing realm in hopes it may help some of you!

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a great way to get your blog, your book and your name in front of people. I just reorganized my Pinterest boards. Before, it was a bunch of everything mixed in boards with no relevant names. Now I have boards that will catch people’s eye. From vegetarian dishes to home redesign and inspirational quotes to vacation tips, they are much more organized.

The reason for this is so others see a reason to follow the board. If one board has a mixture of things they do and don’t care about, they aren’t likely to want to pay attention, but if they know what to expect each time they go there, they are more likely to stick around. Sprinkle pieces of your novel across boards and introduce it to a new audience. Here are some ideas how!

  • Does your character have a favorite dish they love to make? Create a blog about it and put it in your recipes.
  • How about a secret hangout in a popular city or a real destination that inspired your book’s setting. Share tips, hotels, travel information of that area.
  • Pull quotes from the novel that will inspire others and create a graphic to share
  • Love fashion? Share look books for every season that your characters would love and share tidbit in the pins description
  • Are your characters getting married? Create a wedding inspiration board

Don’t forget to link your posts to your blog or book’s purchasing site.

Get Behind the Mic

Share your knowledge on a Podcast. There are many podcasts out there nowadays you are bound to find one that covers topics you can provide value to. Talk about the writing process, lend your editing skills, email marketing expertise or what it’s like to manage writing while raising a family. I joined in on the Hustle Babes podcast to talk about what inspired me to write a book and how I find the time in between a full-time job, fitness, travel and home life.

Here’s another idea… start your own podcast! Have hobbies? Share them! Maybe you’re an expert in home organization, event planning, meal prepping, the list goes on. My amazingly talented friend Kelsey loves whiskey, sports and music. So, while she’s working on new music she decided to start a podcast about, you got it, sports and whiskey.

Take a Road Trip

Last summer I did a Holding on to Georgia road trip. I wrote a letter in the front of each one of my books and then mailed 5 copies to friends around the country. Once they were done reading it, they were instructed to leave it somewhere local for the next person to find. That person would then read the letter, finish the book and do the same.

Every now and then I get tagged in an Instagram post of someone who found, read my book and passed it on. It’s exciting seeing people from another state, someone I’ve never met, hold my book in there hand.

 Write for a Larger Audience

Freelance writing is a great way to expand your readership. I have written articles for I Am That Girl, Wide Open Country and Mavenly & Co. to name a few. Their platforms allow me not only to continue to write and share my words, but it gives me the opportunity to reach a much larger audience than I currently have.

Most blogs have a place for writers to submit a topic. So, whether it’s the Huffington Post, a food blog, music blog or entertainment blog, find something that you enjoy researching and writing about and pitch stories to blogs in that genre. Heck, some even pay when published and who would argue about a little extra money in your pocket!

Share Your Experience

Like this post here, share what you’ve done! Tell those in your niche what is working for you. Share your failures and your triumphs. Give them the information you wish you had before jumping into this whole blogging, novel writing, brand building world. It’s a crazy ride, but feels a lot better when people know they have someone riding along with them.

 Now it’s your turn. Get creative! See what you can come up with on creative ways to grow your audience. Don’t forget to come back, leave a comment and share! And, if you want to stay up to date with all the tips, tricks and failures of being a writer, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my blog!

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