Holding on to Georgia




To Rylan Bradley, love is overrated and forever only happens in fairy tales. She’s perfectly content spending Friday nights at the bar with her friend Allie and a cold beer while shooting down every guy that comes her way.

Wesley Kade is new in town, still picking up the pieces of a past he never thought he’d have to leave behind. When a chance meeting in an elevator introduces him to Rylan he’s forced to face what he’s feared all along.

It will take a fateful night, an old flame and an unread letter to show them that love doesn’t have to hurt and that second chances do exist. But can they trust each other enough to let go and let love in? Or will they continue to let happened to them haunt their happiness and take it all away?

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What Readers Are Saying

“I will be honest…I don’t read a lot of books. But this one is fabulous! I am a 30-something, brown haired girl who has been traveling around the world not worried about love. I can relate to this story so much. You need to read this story! I could not put it down.”

“As I read HOLDING ON TO GEORGIA by the talented Courtney Giardina, I was reminded of a roller coaster ride – sitting in the car as it slowly moves away from the loading dock, anticipating a few thrills but not quite prepared for the highs and lows, sharp turns, and unexpected bends as it races over the track. After disembarking, knees shaking, heart racing and emotionally spent, you think, “Dang . . . what a ride.””

” I was captivated by the initial mystery of the main male character and I found I was unable to put the book down because I was so eager to learn more about him. I felt the story flowed well and since I was so captivated by it I was able to finish reading it in one morning. Don’t forget the tissues though, this story is an emotional one!”