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I had the honor of doing a phone interview yesterday with country artist, John King. For those of you who haven’t heard of him yet, you will soon. He’s already had the opportunity to tour with acts like Jason Aldean, Dustin Lynch, Thompson Square, my personal favorites, Florida Georgia Line and more. His single, “Tonight Tonight” was released this past spring and is making huge waves. I appreciate John taking the time out in the midst of touring to pick up the phone for a few minutes and talk about his new single, upcoming album and his thoughts on “that water in Georgia.” So here we go:

cgiardina2If my memory serves me correctly, you are originally from Georgia?


Habersham County, GA. It’s a tiny little mountain town along the foothills of the blueridge mountains. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have been raised. there’s just something cool about Georgia.  It’s a beautiful part of the country with great scenery and it’s a great place to grow up. I actually got to play a country fair there a few weeks ago for friends and family and everyone is just so supportive.


cgiardina2I feel like Georgia is a real breeding ground for amazingly talented country singers. Artists like Jason Aldean, Luke Byran, newcomer Sam Hunt and many more have hailed from there and now here you are following in their footsteps. What do you think it is about Georgia that offers that opportunity?

The music scene in Georgia has kind of exploded. Athens, where I went to school, is a great music town. It’s where Jason (Aldean), Luke (Bryan) and Zac Brown were able to cut their teeth.

There’s actually a song on the upcoming album about this very thing. It’s called, “Something in the Water.”


cgiardina2Speaking of the upcoming album. I know the release is slated for sometime early 2015. What was the process like picking songs for it?


It was a lot of listening and praying. A very meticulous process. I wrote about 200 songs last year and we had a whole lot to choose from. There are 11 songs on the album. The great thing about this album is that you can listen to it from top to bottom and every song is different. Something for everyone. I’m really excited about the way it came out.


cgiardina2“Tonight Tonight” is your first single off the album. It’s really taken off. It made it through 5 rounds of Taste of Country’s Showdown and was recently debuted during an NFL game. Did you think when you released it, you would see that coming?

You know, Tonight Tonight, I always knew it was a hit. I heard it about a month before I started to cut the record. Marshall Altman wrote it with a couple others and I fell in love right off the bat. It has a catch hook, it’s fun, easy to sing along to. I also love the message. It’s an anthem. Identifiable for everyone. The response has been overwhelmingly amazing.  When I heard the NFL was laying it I was blown away. My dad called me when I was about to hit the stage in Atlanta and said “I just heard your song on the NFL.”


cgiardina2You’re really getting your name out there! You’ve also been on the road a lot promoting it. What’s that been like?


We’ve been on the road a whole lot. In the Last 12 months, including radio, we’ve done about 230 shows all together. It’s been great! We’ve gotten to play a bit on the Burn it Down tour with Jason Aldean. We’ll be with Florida Georgia Line coming up in Jacksonville. It’s been amazing to get out in front of new fan bases. Right now it’s all about developing a fan base and playing for as many people as possible.


cgiardina2And speaking of performing, you will be making your Grand Ole Opry debut this weekend! September 27! That has to blow you away.


It’s a really humbling thing to happen. You start thinking about the great people that have been up on that stage. It’s a total honor for me to be there. I’ve got a lot of friends and family coming up.



cgiardina2What can people expect when they come to one of your shows?


Be ready to dance and have fun. I grew up loving performers like Garth Brooks and even  Kiss. Performers who put on huge shows with high energy from song one until the very end. For me it’s about giving them a show they’ll remember. I love to work the crowd.



cgiardina2Well  John, I know you are super busy so I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. For all the readers, where can they keep in touch with you?


I handle all my social media. I like Facebook and twitter. They’re different, but both a great way to be interactive with fans. I love how on twitter fans can reach out and send quick messages and I get back to them.


Thanks everyone for stopping by! Stay up to date with all John King news on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t’ forget to tune in September 27 to hear John peform at the Grand Old Opry! You can even download the Opry app so you don’t miss it!

And if you haven’t heard “Tonight, Tonight” yet, you need to listen below and add it to your iTunes playlist!

More About John King

In a musical landscape filled with overnight YouTube sensations and people being famous, for being famous, there is something very refreshing and trustworthy about an artist who counts by the number of miles on his tires, rather than the number of “likes” to keep him in the game.

It is that drive, paired with raw talent and business savvy, that took this young man out of a little mountain town in Georgia’s Habersham County and into the spotlight opening for award-winning artists, playing over 150 dates per year, prior to having a booking agent.

After graduating high school, John decided to arm himself with a music degree and went to study at the University of Georgia. It was his time at UGA that the formation of John’s musical footprint would really take shape.

In 2013, Black River Entertainment signed John King to their artist roster; along with “Dancing with the Stars” champion and acclaimed singer/songwriter Kellie Pickler and country music superstar Craig Morgan, (“This Ole Boy,” “International Harvester,” “What I Love About Sunday.”)















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