Hey, It’s Courtney!


Courtney Giardina published her first novel in 2013. Tear Stained Beaches defined the staple of what her self-publishing mantra would become, strong, independent women finding their place in the world. She delivers that message in her following two novels, Holding on to Georgia and Behind the Strings as well as across social media as a micro-influencer.

She has been asked to speak at local book clubs, on podcasts and empowering websites such as Mavenly + Co. and Hustle Babes. Besides working on her 4th novel to release in 2019, Courtney spends time developing content that lays the ground work to inspire others to dream big and believe in themselves because life is too short to wonder, “what if.”

I love authors and supporting authors! So, here are a few of my favorite websites for author success!

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