A Tour of Music City Through the Eyes of My Newest Character!

For those of you who don’t know yet, I just recently finished my 3rd novel and am now working on the cover art! Hoping to have it released in early 2016! It takes place in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN and it’s country music scene and I’m so excited to share it with you all. To get a little inside look into the novel, I decided that on my recent trip to Nashville I would give you a little tour of some of the places that inspired scenes within my novel.  And to stay up to date on the latest news including title and cover reveal, join the mailing list! I promise, only the latest news will be sent your way :)

Happy Touring!

Bongo Java- Belmont Boulevard



Celia Westbrook is a pretty darn good music blogger for the popular Nashville blog Behind the Strings. When she’s not in the office she spends a lot of her time writing at Soulful Grinds Coffee House where you’ll see autographed pictures of many of Nashville’s most famous artists. The inspiration for Soulful Grinds comes from Nashville’s oldest coffee company, Bongo Java in the Belmont Boulevard area of Nashville.




Winners and Losers Bars – Division St. 



Lots of country music talent play here on their way to the top, so it’s no wonder this was my inspiration for Shotguns bar in my novel. The place where Logan used to strum his six string before he signed a major record deal and the place where Celia first meets Jesse and his back Jackson’ Soul. It also was only the beginning of a night Celia can barely remember and later find it was filled with surprises.




12 South Area- Nashville




Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a beer on the 12 South Taproom patio on a warm, sunny day in music city? This patio is one of the places Celia struggles with a secret she is keeping from Logan throughout the novel… I can’t wait for all you lovely readers to learn what that secret is :)



I Dream of Weenie – East Nashville



Celia and Logan come from the small town of Hamden, TN where the only place to feed late night cravings after a night out was Frank’s hot dog stand. It only made sense when they reunited after 5 years to reminisce over old memories by finding a similar one in Nashville. I Dream of Weenie’s was the perfect inspiration for this scene. But, while you’re munching on your beef, turkey or tofu dog, watch out for Hunter Jennings. He’s a sly one and is always ready and waiting for the next story in the good old country music world.





The Patterson House- Division St.

patterson house


Although it’s not on the rooftop of a hotel, I loved the idea of the mellow and intimate atmosphere The Patterson House offers and used it for the lounge scene for one of Celia’s first dates. And of course, since I love a good cocktail, who wouldn’t want to choose this place, where they are all hand crafted to perfection. Celia is really gonna need one of these cocktails when her date is interrupted with a phone call from the last person that needs to be calling her in that moment.

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