A Thank You To My Mommy Friends

Thank you for letting me love your world
Whether blue eyes, or brown, black hair or curls
All of them mean everything to this girl

Thank you for having faith that I can love them right
Through pictures and texts and FaceTime at night
For giving me the chance to see them smile
And lighting up my world for that little while

Thank you for letting me hold them close
Feeling the beat of innocence
In their pure, still unscathed heart
The bond I hold in those moments carries through even though we’re miles apart

Thank you for reminding me as I hold on to their tiny hands
That miracles do exist
That this crazy, untamed world
Still offers such beauty as this

Thank you for the moments
You let me see the mess
The toys on the floor
Dishes in the sink, as if I’d expect anything less
For it shows me that happiness and joy does not mean perfection
And that sometimes in chaos we see the reflection
Of what true love can create
What an amazing world we have the power to make

Thank you for the times you call me up to cry
Because they won’t sleep no matter how hard you try
Even though it’s plain to see
How important to you I’ll always be
Sometimes I forget, even after all these years
How much we need each other through good times and fears
So your one simple phone call serves to remind
That I will never be left behind

Thank you for being you
For loving them the way you do
And I know sometimes you are afraid
Of what you’ll do wrong, or the mistakes you think you’ve made
But, let me rest your trembling fears
From what I see through my eyes, let fall upon your ears

You are their mother, strong and true
They know you love them in all you do
You are their world, just as much as they are yours
Remember that in their terrible twos, or threes, or fours
It’s impossible for anyone to ever get it right
So hold on to this with all of your might
A mother is a person who can never be replaced
And there will come a day when you look upon their face
And you’ll see it right in front of you
That amazing person you created, because you were you



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