A Rainbow Away- Poem for a Pet

I know that I have written an incredible amount about my dog lately, but I have always said that writing heals my soul and right now my soul needs some serious healing. My dog was my entire world. He loved me in moments that I’m not sure I even loved myself. Without him here these past couple of weeks I feel empty. My heart hurts and I cry often. I always knew it was going to be hard when that day came, but I was not prepared at the amount of pain and sadness I would really endure. As this is the time of year we always focus on what to be thankful for, I am incredibly thankful for the 7.5 years I got to have DJ by my side. For all the love and loyalty he bestowed upon me. And I am also thankful for my belief that my dog is now somewhere up above renewed, pain free and loving life on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

I wrote this poem to again find a way to heal my heart and I thought that if anyone else out there was going through the same kind of loss that I am, this may bring them a little bit of comfort too.

Happy Thanksgiving All!

DJ poem

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