Duncan’s Christmas Story

duncan2xmasIf there was one thing I wish I could’ve given every animal this year, it would have been their Christmas Story. I wish I could’ve given them their Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle like Ralphie. Only it wouldn’t have been a toy, it would have been a home. A place to be loved. A family to snuggle with and a soft bed to sleep on. Unfortunately, as I’ve been told a hundred times, “I can’t save the world.” But, this Christmas, I was able to give one little dog his Christmas Story. Duncan, a shelter dog picked up as a stray, came home with me for the holidays and I made sure he enjoyed every minute of it. Here is Duncan’s Christmas Story:


Did somebody say Starbucks?

I woke up rather early on Christmas Eve. The night before was the first night I slept upstairs in my bed instead of on the couch next to Duncan. I hadn’t heard a noise all night and wanted to check on him. When I peeked around the corner there he was, laying down with his tail wagging just waiting for me. I made him a special breakfast and we got in the Christmas spirit by watching plenty of Christmas movies throughout the morning.

Once the rain started to let up we met my brother and his dog in the park for a long walk at one of my personal favorite places in Charlotte. Then, of course on our way home, I stopped at Starbucks and along with my order, the barista handed me a puppuccino for Duncan. He enjoyed every lick of it. We spent the rest of Christmas Eve at my brothers where Duncan got to play with lots of chew toys and enjoy more fresh air while lying outside on the deck.

A day at the park with fountains and ponds to drink from and bridges to cross over

A day at the park with fountains and ponds to drink from and bridges to cross over

Christmas morning was morning number 2 of me sleeping upstairs and Duncan sleeping through the night on his own. He discovered a few new toys underneath the couch and spent the morning playing with them while we watched more Christmas movies and waited for our guests to arrive. My brother brought Duncan over his own Christmas presents to unwrap and he’d alternate between joining us in the kitchen for some cookie baking to jumping on the couch to play with his new toys.

Overall I think Duncan truly enjoyed his “Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle.” I think he has a wonderful Christmas story to remember. Duncan gave me just as much as I gave him this holiday. He helped make my first Christmas without DJ a bit more bearable and I thank him immensely for that. And soon enough, he’ll have a real home, filled with lots of love for many more Christmases to come :)

Christmas movies, hot chocolate and a nice soft couch

Christmas movies, hot chocolate and a nice soft couch

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