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Chase Bryant PHotoMusic defines Chase Bryant. At every level and in often unexpected ways, his truths are expressed in melody, lyrics, hooks and sounds … but his reality goes even deeper than that. Bryant’s heritage is defined by music. His upbringing, his craft, his inspiration and his obsessions are all centered in the same – which is good – because there’s no other way to explain how a 21-year-old Texan could already be a top-flight guitar player, head-turning songwriter, RED BOW recording artist and co-producer of his debut album.

Last month Chase’s single “Take it on Back” was released and I’m still blaring it in excitement every time it comes across the radio airwaves. It is one of my feel good songs of the summer. I’m so glad he had the chance to stop by Girl Behind the Covers and answer a few questions for me!

Chase, can you talk a little bit about how life (and your career) has changed since signing with Red Bow Records?

Not that I’ve changed in general but life has been crazy. Traveling has been the highlight at the moment, but beyond all of that it’s made a huge dream come true. I’m a small piece of the greatest family there is: Red Bow Records.

Co-Producing your debut album at just 21 years of age is quite an accomplishment. Where did you get the skills to add that to your repertoire?

As a child I always listened to my grandfathers music. I’m a music and music gear geek. I’m fascinated with sounds and arrangements. That makes me strive in the studio to create something that has my stamp all over it. It’s the sound that’s in my head that will translate into the record. Thankfully I’m co producing with my best friend.

Every time I listen to “Take it on Back,” I can’t help, but get up and dance to the upbeat tempo.  It’s such an easy song to really get into. What other factors did you consider when deciding to release this as your debut single?

We were originally going with another song that was just a strict summer song. Radio had reacted differently to “Take it on Back” more than any other song they were hearing. I really trusted there ears and we went with it instead. If you listen to that song and wanna know who I am, that’s me!! As a writer, singer, player, producer, and person.

When can we expect the full length album to be available?

Talking about after the first of the year
On one of your earlier interview I found this quote: “I never wanted to be anybody else,” he says. “My grandfather always told me ‘you can’t be good at being anybody else. You can only be good at being yourself.” I think that your grandfather was a very wise man and that quote is really something I think people struggle with daily.  Tell me how you stay “Chase Bryant” with all the pressures in the industry today.

 I’ve surrounded my self with people who I can trust will always keep me level headed. My label, my friends and most importantly, my family!

What is the hardest part AND the greatest reward of being a country music singer?

You know the quote “no sleep for the restless?”  Well there’s not much sleep for anyone in this business. There’s no 9-5 in the industry. Everyone works just as hard or harder than you. As soon as you slack someone may take your spot. You have to love what you do, and be passionate about it. There’s not a lot of sleep involved. I try and catch it when I can!! 

It looks like you’re going to be getting even less sleep this fall when you will be hitting the road on Brantley Gilbert’s Let it Ride tour. How are you preparing for that and what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to playing for Brantley’s crowd every night. They love them some Brantley and he’s one of those guys who is true to himself and his fans. I strive to be like that. For now I’m just preparing with rehearsing for this tour and staying healthy. I really can’t tell you the gratitude of how excited I am.

And lastly, a fun one. Tell us something we would be surprised to know about you?


And there you have it! A little bit about newcomer Chase Bryant. If you haven’t heart “Take it on Back Yet,” check it out now and request it on your local radio stations! And of course don’t forget to like him on Facebook and follow him on twitter!

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