5 Times Brian Kelley’s Wife Got it Just Right

“Behind every good man, there is a good woman”

I have always been a fan of Brittney Marie Cole Kelley (“B Cole” as my friend and I call her). Since the beginning she’s let the world in on her journey with generosity and class. Her pictures shows a spirit that is genuine, carefree and loving. I love the way she loves her family. The way she stands by her man and the way she has taken opportunity and turned it into something great. So today, on Woman Crush Wednesday, here’s my tribute to 5 times B Cole got it just right!


1. She married a man that looks at her like this










2. Her kids have 4 legs and fur










3. She nailed the no makeup selfie









4. The girl did a photo shoot with wolves, for a clothing line she collaborated on, because she’s one hell of a girl boss










5. That time when she wore the same outfit as Miranda and killed it!

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