5 Date Night Ideas That Don’t Involve Sitting in Front of the Television

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my Hulu and my Netflix and can cozy up on the couch for hours binge watching shows, but how much conversation happens between me and my boyfriend during one of our shows? Pretty much zero. Sometimes we even find ourselves both scrolling through our phones and not even paying attention to the show. It’s nice every now and then to break away from that and spend a night reconnecting and making fun memories to look back on.

Cooking Class

My boyfriend mentioned this recently. Once my dog’s training classes are over, we’re going to look into it! We cook at home all the time and think it would be really fun to try out new recipes to bring home. It’s also a nice way to work together to create something.

Candle Pouring

I did this recently and I’m obsessed. It was pretty easy and I LOVE my candle. You each can make your own. You can pick your own scents and candle holder and make it all right there in front of you. And you can drink wine while doing it, doesn’t that sound like a win-win?!

Escape Game

If you need a little practice in the communication area, this is the ultimate test. You’ve got to work together to get yourselves out of a locked room in just 60 minutes! It gets intense when the clock is counting down, but it’s super fun interaction and feels awesome when you escape.

Live Sporting Event

I can’t sit and watch sports for hours on tv anyway, but I love the adrenaline of watching it live. Thankfully here in Nashville we have a little bit of everything from hockey and football to soccer and baseball. Any season there is something to check out. Even if you aren’t rooting for the home team, you’ll get lost in the high energy atmosphere. And did I mention popcorn, pretzels and cocktails? Something for everyone.

Go For a Star Gazing Hike

Get lost underneath the star filled sky. Climb high above the city lights into peace and quiet where it’s just the two of you. Bring a picnic, or a bottle of wine and enjoy each other and the fresh mountain air. No mountain near you? Find a beach, a park or an open field. There’s gotta be one somewhere!

Again, I’m all about catching up on good television, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to get creative and work together. I think it helps you learn more about your significant other. It keeps you connected in a way sitting on the couch can’t.

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